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What is the tattoo rule

Most people know that tattooing process into the "secant", "fog" in two major steps, but often overlooked a very important program, it is "planning".
"Planning" is divided into two part, a refers to on pattern of design, a refers to on pattern of understanding, design meaning for we in for customer for decorations of while, required consider to pattern of forward development, consider to future of improved, because tattoo is on himself body of a finds, it with continuity, cases: in on a customer for a leading of lines business, we on required consider to customer future Dragon body lines business of parts, on pattern of understanding meaning for we in lines business any a pattern of while, we required understand, Understand what is this? its lines, color blocks, what is it? it must be line by which consist of? lines what is the wiring connections and so on. Say, we in real for lines business Qian on required completely understand above case, zhihou only for lines business, like Japan tattoo of people must will indulged Yu that wild in the with soft, rough open in the and hidden with a copies mystery beauty, like Europe works of people must will on that composition mess in the ordered, works color bright, technique superb of tattoo down, is they more has a procedures "planning".

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